Monday, December 22, 2008

11 days at Selangor

Day 1

The journey started at 9a.m from Pasir Gudang. This is my first time took sky view bus. Nothing special but it looks nice. ^_^

The ticket seller told me that the journey will be about 5 hours, but the actual journey took about 6 and half hours leh….. aiyo… really tired leh!!

Arrived Pudu Raya, I asked the people around how to walk to Pasar Seni, and then took the LRT to Taman Paramount. Sing Ching fetched me there and we went to Palm Square’s Old Town to have our lunch (aiyo, lunch at 4p.m leh. The bus fault la!).

Sing Ching stay at Petaling Jaya, seksyen 17, thanks to her to provide her nice bed for me to sleep ya… hehehe…

Oh.. forgot to introduce, who is Sing Ching?? Haha, she is my roommate when we study together at Kedah Matrikulasi Kolej (KMK). We are best friend and she very good to take care of us, so Ching Wen (another best friend) and I always called her “mommy”. Haha…

Stayed at her room for few hours… we chat.. chat.. and chat since we met!! Haha. Girls talk ma…. I also introduced her a very funny drama “不良笑花”, haha… what happen? We laugh and laugh when we watched it lor….

Oh ya, our dinner…. Haha, about 10 something we ate “tom yam” at “wai sek gai” … yum yum… I LOVE TOMYAM~!!

Day2 – Day 4

I attended the 7th Malaysia Chinese Counselling Conference at “Institut Latihan Keselamatan Social KWSP (ESSET)” for 3 days 2 nights. Don’t know where it is right? Near to UKM, Kajang.

Oh, another long journey…. from Taman Paramount to KL Central by LRT, then to UKM by KTM. Aiyo… first time take KTM… really slow likes a turtle la… haha…

When arrived to UKM station, I searching the way to ESSET but I failed. Then, I saw three people also searching ESSET too, we searched together… but finally we shared the money went to ESSEST by taxi. Three of them, 2 girls 1 guy, from KTAR advance diploma for psychology.

I thought that I might be lonely there because I went there alone. Haha, let guess who I met there?? My junior, Karen and my seniors, I Ling and Yi Teng!!! Aiyo… three generation together… really meaningful la!!

Karen, Jenice, Yi Teng & I Ling

I had known some new friends through this conference, when we eating together, listening the presentation, attending the workshop, or staying at the hostel…. : ) most of them are counsellor, school counsellor, social workers, master, degree or diploma students for counseling, teacher and the people who wish to know more about counselling. The similarity among us is: We Love Counselling….

I forgot to bring my camera for the first two days, not much pictures that I had taken for the conference and workshop, and I had missed the chances to take pictures with other friends.

This conference really meaningful for me and I had learnt a lot especially through the psychodrama workshop. It impressed me to gain another new perspective about counselling field I had another new planning for my future. I will share more for about this next time.

Day 5

Haha, the 5th day is a special day for me because this is not in my plan for the trip.

Kiti, Karen’s roommate during the conference is a master student for counselling at UPM, and she also work as a research assistant there. Karen’s home is just beside UPM. I never been to UPM, so Karen invited me to stay over night at her home after the conference and we will visit UPM at the next day.

Aiyo… UPM campus really.. really BIG lor!! Kiti drove her car around the campus… haha UPM must have cows and horses la!!

Karen and I also visited UPM’s library…. Haha.. if compared with UNIMAS’s library… their technologies are more advance but I think UNIMAS’s library design is more pretty.

Yeah… met Sing Ching again!! We planned for karaoke for next day… HOHOHO…

Guess what I realized on that night? I left my mini bag at Karen’s home toilet, all my shampoo, body foam, facial foam, toothbrush and toothpaste gone. Haha, that is my special “souvenir” for Karen.

Day 6

Two girls went for karaoke for 5 hours. Who can make it?? Sing Ching and Jenice lor… haha…

We spend our 5 hours at SS2, K-Box from 11a.m t0 4p.m. I forgot the price but if not mistaken is about RM25 for 2 people, included with the buffet lunch. Haha.. sorry to say, the food, the sound effect, speaker, microphone there are not nice. Haha… but we really enjoyed there!!

After karaoke, we went to visit Sing Ching’s bf. He work as a music teacher at a music learning centre. Haha.. I had the chance to visit the teaching studio, and take the picture with some music instruments.

Oh… what is it?? Har?? Electronic drum?? Never known and never heard about it…. Because MayDay did not played electronic drum… haha… very fun to play the it but, I think I have no potential to play drum la… haha… Aiyo…. Bass wor… Sing Ching can play a bit leh. She had practice and had the performance together with her bf and the gang wor… geng!!

Haha… let’s rock~!!!!YOYO~ Wahaha....

Haha, this picture can “cheat” people…. Aiya.. actually, I know a very little bit about guitar. But I already give up learning, my finger too short… and I need a very good and patient “sifu” to teach me.. and also “force” me.. haha

After that, we went to “Amour”, bought some formal wears… yeah…

Thanks to Sing Ching and her bf, they prepare our dinner --- spaghetti and French fried!!

That night we went to Palm Square's Halo Cafe, enjoy the nice music and songs... yeah~

Day 7

A mini gathering --- Sing Ching, Wee Hwa, Kok Yuan (we always called him lau cheng wan) and Jenice. Yeah…. We studied at KMK about 4 years ago. Haha, what we did last time? Study together?? Haha… never. We played squash, badminton… and went to Alor Setar at once.

Wee Hwa, Sing Ching, Jenice & Cheng Wan

I never met Cheng Wan since we graduated from KMK. He said… I become shorter!!! Shorter?? Oh no…….. perhaps is because I become thinner than before and make me looks “smaller” la…

We had our lunch at 大人餐厅,Cheng Wan said I was not allowed to enter this restaurant because I am not an adult!! Enough la you this Lau Cheng Wan… very pandai “bully” me… haha….

Sorry Wee Hwa, we didn’t accompany you watch movie, we give other girls to have the chance to watch with you k… haha…

Sorry Cheng Wan, we didn’t want go for karaoke anymore…. Haha…

After the lunch, we “lepak” awhile there, took some nice pictures and chit-chat all the way we walked. Haha… we very talkative la!! Meet with old friends …. sure have a lots of stuffs want to share …

After that, we went to IKEA ate hot dog and beef ball…. Aiyo.. delicious neh!! But I forgot to take some nice pictures there.. haha…

Day 8

Meet my net friend at Mid Valley!! This is our first time to meet net friend… haha.. but this is really nice experience… we had our lunch and shopping together. She is a very cute, cheerful and active girl. After that we went to Sunway Pyramid. Girl, work hard for job ya… thanks to treat me ate McD ice cream…. Yummy yummy….

Kai Shan, Kai Ling (my net friend) & Jenice

Thanks God because Win Ming and Fei Chui off earlier for their work, so I no need went to Time Square to meet them. They come to meet me at Sunway Pyramid. Win Ming is my housemate during my second year at UNIMAS. He is a very nice “son”, nice man, and a very good “football dictionary” haha…. Last time we always talked about EPL, he is Liverpool supporter and I am MU supporter. Sometimes, we and Ah Teck went to watch certain nice matches…. Hehehe… I miss the days la… Fei Chui is his gf, very cute and nice girl. Miss her sooo much…

Day 9

Haha… Sunway Pyramid again?? Yes… went to Sunway Pyramid again, but this time I went together with Sing Ching and her sister.

Erm… nothing special day. We had took some pictures but I do not copy the pictures yet.

Ah… I had bought a pair of shoes at Vincci, quite cheap and the most important is… it is SIZE 3… yeah~!! The most fit size for my feet!!

Day 10

Change the gathering venue from Mid Valley to Time Square, because I want hopping there… HAHAHA… Sing Ching and I had a very happy shopping day there.. haha..

Ah Seng is the only friend attended for the gathering. Ah Yew OT, Ah Sun outstation and rushing back to home town. A bit disappointed, but I believe we still can make it for next time in future.

Haha.. I know them since my first year at UNIMAS. We known each other from Kubah national park trip that organized by UNIMAS Chinese Association. Win Ming was the organizer, and we stay in a same rest house. Now, all already become an engineer… hope they enjoy their work and get more high salary ya… haha…

Had our tea break at 欢喜地, hey… that mushroom soup inside bread bowl really delicious oh!! The French toast also not bad. But it belongs to Sing Ching. Haha….

After finish “lepak” at time square, we walked to 强记补品to had our dinner. Wah… really not bad and delicious oh!! I think I will come again next time… haha…

Day 11

A very blur day for me!! The entire journey back to my home had mistakes… my careless mistakes… haha… don’t want to share my “blur” stuffs with you.. later sure you all laugh at me. My dad scold me 你真的很傻的~! “ ……. “ yes, I am!!! Haha…

Anyway, after all, I still able to reach to my home safely. Haha….

11 days at Selangor, full of fun and so meaningful

Special thanks to

Sing Ching, thank you sooooo much~!! Allowed me stay at hour house, fetched me to the LRT station, helped me plan for the transportation, accompanied me shopping at time square… anything that you did for me, thank ya.. “kacau” you so many days… hehehe…

Sing Ching’s bf, thank for some cups of tea, hehehe…. and also teach me play the electronic drum.

Karen and family, thanks because let me stay at your house for one night and fetched me around Serdang ya.

Kiti, nice to meet you and thanks to fetched us around UPM ya…

Wee Hwa, thanks because fetched us for the gathering oh.

Cheng Wan, thanks you so much to help me plan for the transportation for my next gathering….

Ming Zai (Win Ming), thanks for the Vietnam porridge and soya bean and fetched me back to SS2.

Kai Ling, nice to meet you this happy girl.. thanks for the ice cream o… hope we will meet again in future ya.

Kai Shan, nice to meet you too, thanks because fetch us to Sunway Pyramid.

Sing Ching’s sister, thanks helped me took some nice pictures. : )

Ah Seng, thanks for that mushroom soup inside bread bowl ya… haha.. thanks because fetch us back home too…

Thanks all my friends.... love you all~