Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our School Holiday (3) - Badminton

They are not playing very well... but they very enjoy it..

Nice pose BOYS~ hehe
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our School Holiday (2) - Sematan Palm Beach

oh.. we love beach.. YEAH~
The kids very enjoy it... hehe..
wow~ a very big jellyfish...

She is sooo CUTE~~
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Our school holiday (1) - Anger Management Workshop..

Express their anger through experissive art, drawing "mandala"
The big girls with their Anger Termometer... heheh.. hope they will able to apply what they had learn through this workshop...

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

After two months…

After two months for my internship…. So… how was that??

Erm… so far so good… but really tiring… stress… and busy.. (NORMAL lah…) Especially this month…. My working schedule.. PACK PACK PACK!!!!

Sometimes when I feel good, then I could enjoyed with my work and did it well…

When I was not feel well, down, stress… then it is hard for me to face the “challenges”. I wish to avoid from them.. I wish to escape from this place… I wish to take a holiday for vocation… but till the end, I was aware that I can’t give up so easily and must to be strong!!

Today, I got a bad day!!! Certain personal issues affect my emotion and I felt depressed… but I still need to work as fasilitator for 5 hours, and conduct a group counselling at night. But, I have no mood at all to do it…..

But what can I do?? I cannot escape from these and I must need to face them… I was not allowed to simply cancel my counselling appointment. To be a professional counsellor in future, I must learn how to manage my emotion well. At least, can’t bring my personal emotion into my work… But, it is not that easy… but I am glad, I did it quite well actually…

Thanks to my friends who msn with me, I feel better when I have chat with my friends, and thanks to my friends who leave their comments for me in facebook or at blog…

The comment from mama especially fit and suit on that moment when I need it…. when I feel so helpless, hopeless and depressed.

I must be strong, be motivated, be optimistic and be confident.

My thoughts very messy today actually… and I am not very satisfied with what I am writing now…

Erm… may be I still need more time to arrange my thought now.. and perhaps I was too tired… hard for me to think about these..

Better go to sleep now la… good night everyone...ZZZzzzzz…..