Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday night

I have a lot of events want to share with you all here….

But… I am a little bit busy… and very lazy…. Haha…

What the most teruk is…. The internet connection never well since raining last week… so I cant upload some nice picture here…

One more week… is the Chinese New Year. I can’t wait the day comes because I really wish to take a good rest and holiday….

Oh… how much I wish the time stop at this Sunday night!!!! I feel no mood want to have my work tomorrow. I started get to be lazy already… because of the CNY mood la… hahaha…

I am not that happy today actually…. But I feel much better now because I had msn with few friends… thank you all my lovely friends…

Kai Ling, thanks for your concern and support, you even write a post for me in your blog. Thank you so much…. Love you & miss you ya… fast fast back to MSN la… chat with me la…

Siew Kuan, thank you so much. You are very patient and listen to all my problems… you share my burden, assist me analyzed the problems, give me opinion, advice… take good care and have a good working life. Hope we both have more free time to msn and having chat ya.

Wee Hwa, thank you ar… even you are so busy… you still reply my msn. Hope us happy always and no “fan nao” la… I don’t wish we both just discuss our both problems. We should discuss about other happy stuffs ma.

Thanks to Ah Beh & Siang He too. Thanks for your support and cheer me up ya.

For those who msn with me tonight… Siang He, lili, Sing Ching, Yee Chiang & You Fung. Thank you all because msn with you all help me to get feel better. Haha… even you all don’t know that I am unhappy, but you did gave some contribution to me actually …. Yeah

I love msn, sms and face-to-face chatting….. I love socialize and I enjoy listen to others and listen to me too. So, when you free…. Find me la… sure I chat with you all… if I am not too busy ….

Thanks to those who leave comments in my blog, thanks for your support ya…. Blue, Sun, Sham, Padee, Aida, mama, joe…..

And also thanks to Han Chou, lili, Yaw Heng, Wei Lun, ah Onn and Jocelyn… invite me to join you during weekends. Miss you all la… must study hard o….

Tomorrow, another new beginning…… gambateh!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feel so BAD….

If you ask… what happen? I will answer… NOTHING…

But, why I feel so bad??

Because I am free tonight…. I should be happy because I able to manage my time well and have my own free time after work. But… I feel down…

I start missing my friends…. Oh… I am alone here. No coursemates can share my burden, when I out of idea about my work… I need to handle myself. No housemates to chat with me and play with me….

When I am working, if no counselling session or guidance activities, I am alone at counselling room. After I work, back to hostel and stay alone.

Even though I am close with the children here and friend with the teenagers, but….. I am still alone. It is not any big deal if I am alone here, but …. I will think a lot of stuffs …

I will miss my friends… my family…

Thinking of my some past painful experiences…

Thinking of my working performance….

So tired la… I can’t use my brain to writ out anything more… haha

I will take good care and improve my life here…

Arh… I wish to write something others than my internship la… haha..

14/1/2009 9.00 pm

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My first week…..

The first week of my internship…. Erm… a very good beginning…

Even I just spent about 1 week at this home, I able join with the children here well. I feel so glad because they all accept me as their “new members” and I love them so much. I tried my best to join them more, so that I can more close with them, become more understand them. So, I joint them go to swimming on Saturday, and went to church on Sunday. Even though I am not a Christian, but I am a free thinker, so I don’t mind to spend my Sunday at church, because I have a good chance to know more about chirstian, so that I can more understand my clients! Ha.. that is about cross-cultural counselling.

For the first week, i was busy to choose the clients, set the schedule, plan for the whole internship to ensure that I able to complete the require credit hours on time! I spent a lot of time to get the idea what the guidance activities that I should do…. I hope that I can do more than I can….. I hope I can do my best!! I hope I can provide some contribution to this home.

I had started my individual counselling, group counselling and the guidance activities. So far so good! My clients had come for the counselling session, and willing to cooperate with me. I will try my best to make my clients feel happy to come and see me for the counselling.

But, I did face with some difficulties to handle children (10 & 11 years old) cases because they can’t talk in a long period, after 15 minutes, sure they will lose patient. In addition, they are too young to express their thought and mind. Haha.. This is the time for me to read some extra material to get some idea of how to handle the counselling with children.

The first week, full of happiness but busy. I delayed the time for the case note reporting and the daily personal journal. Tonight, I am so happy… because… finally, I had rushed to complete all!! Haha~

I need to manage my time better, don’t delay my work!!

And the most important…. I really hope that, after working hours, I can rest my mind…. Don’t think about my counselling stuffs! I need a good rest, to have a better working performance for the next day.

And for sure, I need more time for blogging …. Haha…

12/1/2009 11.20 pm

Friday, January 2, 2009


My internship life at The Salvation Army Children’s Home began…

My first day for my internship was all right!! My major tasks for the day were collected some background information, set the time for counselling session, and the most important --- building rapport with the children there.

Oh… I love the children here… they are cute & active!! Hope that I will have a great working experience with them…

2/1/2009 to 10/5/2009 (18 weeks for 600 credits hours)

- Individual counselling (80 credit hours)

- Group counselling (40 credit hours)

- Guidance activities (180 credit hours)

- Administration work (300 credit hours)

Oh~!! Am I able to complete 600 credit hours on time??? I have no choice, I MUST complete it, or else… I will not able to graduate this year….

My course-mates…. JIA YOU JIA YOU and GAMBATEH ya….

Try our best and enjoy our internship life yeah~!!

Happy New Year 2009~

Believe or not? This is my first time went out celebrate New Year with my friends…. Haha!!

1st station: Having our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market, The Spring….

2nd station: Bla Bla Bla café and count down there….

3rd station: Movie at 12.45am. I forgot the name of the movie, a police story, acted by Sammi Cheng.

4th station: Back to my ex-house Lot 131 and stay over night.

5th station: Thanks to Mun Chun coz fetch me back to The Salvation Army’s hostel…

New Year, New Life, New Environment, New Experience…..

All the best…

Hope what 2009 will be a wonderful year for everyone…

Miss you all…