Friday, February 27, 2009

No more update your blog??

Haha… this is the question that my friends asked me recently!!

Erm… actually, I did update my blog, but I wrote in Chinese and posted it to my friendster blog.

Long time did not write in English, feel very uncomfortable now…. Ha ha…

Very busy nowadays, especially last week, because I needed to join some programs, to collect guidance activities credit hours, i also very busy edited and prepared all the documents and reports that need to mark by my supervisor.

see... this is my file... very thick right??

So… how was my evaluation?? Erm… I am pessimistic actually, so I had a very bad expectation about my evaluation. Haha… but it was not as bad as I expected. So, I am so easy to feel satisfied with it. Of course, I still have certain part of works that need to edit and to improve, and I have the confidence that I can make it better.

After the evaluation, I took two days for relaxing…. and now… I started to get be lazy… : (

Arg~! ! I need to get some “motivation” to “push” me work harder….

I like to work in practically, so I enjoyed to conduct counselling and some guidance activities. However, I very dislike do the documentation works such as case note writing, program proposal writing, journal writing, search the information, module development….. I dislike reading and writing!!!

I need to work everyday now…. I begin to feel bored and negative about such life style… I wish to have a vacation and have a good rest.

But I can’t…. I must complete 600 credit hours first for this internship….

What I can do now to have a better life?

1) Good time management (ensure I have certain times for rest, msn with friends, and have some entertainment)

2) Don’t blame (this only will make me more dislike with this internship)

3) Work sincerely (try my best and wish to provide the best service to everyone, never give up and don’t expect too much)

4) Enjoy it!!! (this is a learning process… and a very good chance for me to gain knowledge and working experiences)

5) TAHAN!!!!!! It will be over very soon….. ^_^

For those who is having their internship too…. GAMBATEH!!! and….. TAHAN la~!!


6!u3@ho!ic said...

gal must gambateh k?
treat you if you do well ya~
promise ^,^

an aida said...

gambateh.bertahan utk 9 weeks more