Friday, January 2, 2009


My internship life at The Salvation Army Children’s Home began…

My first day for my internship was all right!! My major tasks for the day were collected some background information, set the time for counselling session, and the most important --- building rapport with the children there.

Oh… I love the children here… they are cute & active!! Hope that I will have a great working experience with them…

2/1/2009 to 10/5/2009 (18 weeks for 600 credits hours)

- Individual counselling (80 credit hours)

- Group counselling (40 credit hours)

- Guidance activities (180 credit hours)

- Administration work (300 credit hours)

Oh~!! Am I able to complete 600 credit hours on time??? I have no choice, I MUST complete it, or else… I will not able to graduate this year….

My course-mates…. JIA YOU JIA YOU and GAMBATEH ya….

Try our best and enjoy our internship life yeah~!!


PhaDee said...

All the best 2 u 2 jenice!! ~_^ i really love reading ur blog. funny and full of inspiration. i'm really impressed that you attended the chinese counseling conference. wow, you're really passionate with what you do..i should call you sifu because giving me inspiration to do my best in counseling as well. hehehe.. anyway, best of luck for you internship!
p/s: i miss ur cheeks..hahahaha!

Jenice said...

and funny reading my broken english... haha