Sunday, May 10, 2009


8-5-2009, Friday 4.15 p.m, I had submitted my internship compilation and related documents to my internship supervisor, Puan Hasniah at FSKPM office..

I was not that excited as what I had expected, but I was smiling when I was waiting my bus. I smile, because it is all over, I smile because I did it, I smile because it is meaningful.

I am sure that everyone, including myself felt the stress during this internship. Sometimes, I felt want to give up, or avoid it. Sometimes, we will think that it is a "mission impossible", but the result proved that... we can make it, as long as we did tried our best n never give up.

It is good to have stress actually, because it can motivate me to work harder. I will get to be lazy if without stress. And I need to admitted that I was a "last minute worker", because when only reach the last minutes period, I could feel the "hardworking" mood... haha.. However, I never simply did my last minutes work, I always make sure that it is in a good quality condition. If I have more time, I will make it perfect...

I found that I am the lucky one, I did not faced much difficulties during this internship. The Salvation Army Children's Home is welcomed me, the staffs and the children treat me nicely. They are very supportive and give me cooperative. At the beginning, I worried the children, and the teenagers did not want to accept me. I felt so good when I realize that they like me and accept me as one of the family members. Besides, I also felt a bit uncomfortable because almost the staffs are middle adult, the age gap between us made me feel hard to build rapport with them. However, everything gets smooth when I spent about 2 months together with them. My principle is “be friendly and respect others”!! And it did work.

I feel glad because the children n teenagers treat me as their sister, and the staffs treat me as their daughter. Moreover, I was so lucky because I have 2 good supervisors, Miss Ngui and Puan Hasniah. Miss Ngui is a very helpful person, she guide me a lot and give me very good advices and opinion during the internship. Puan Hasniah’s comments about my internship performance influence me a lot too. The praise from her gave me more confidence; her critics gave me more motivation to get improvement.

In short, this internship is great n I really learn a lot through this internship. This experience is priceless for me and it is really worth full.

Of course I did some mistakes during this internship. It is acceptable because we are still under straining and we are not perfect, the most important is we must realize what our mistake is and learn from it. This is the most effective way get learning and “remember” it forever.. hehe..

Even I had finished my internship, but my days at The Salvation Army Children’s Home are not at the end. I will stay here and work as volunteer. First of June is Gawai Day and this is the only chance that I have to celebrate it at Kampung. So I will not miss it. After Gawai, then I will back to JB and start my new journey. :)


Yean said...

yeah~! finally~!

haha~! i still remember the feeling of being released~!

anyway, good luck to your future undertaking~!

Y teng said...

congratulation, dear senior... ^.^
ya, i believe i can go through it as well.

Wish u meet the best job afterward...

Zuraidah said...

congratulations, you made it! It felt good, wasn't it? so you can tell your juniors who will groan, complaint, stressed etc etc not to look at internship in a negative way. Be their inspiration.
I wish you the best.

My Life My Journey.. said...

Warm congratulations...!!