Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Beginning….

What is your first impression about me?? Leave your comment and I very wish to know about it.

Am I a very out-going, very talkative and cheerful person? Not really….

How much you know about me?

I am that kind who always hides my sadness, disappointments and keep on try my best to cheer up others.

For this 2008 year, many events happen and trap me into sadness and depressed. Thanks to my friends who always concern me, listen to me and give me support.

Even 2008 is not a happy year for me, but I had a very good learning experiences. I had become more understanding myself and get more true friends.

For this coming 2009, I wish to have a better year --- a more happy and meaningful one.

Arg… it is hard for me to express myself in English because I am not good in English. Many friends complained to me that I wrote my blog in mandarin and they can’t read it. So now, I had created this new blog and try my best to write it in English. I am willing to let more people to understand me.

2009, a new beginning and I am ready to get a new life.

I am still that previous Jenice… just that perhaps I had become more mature, patient and hardworking. Haha…….

Very sleepy right now, just want to force myself begins my post, or else…. you may not have chance to read this English version blog. Haha….

Happy holiday and enjoy it ya my friends. Miss u all…..


SuNnY said... the first to leave my comment. Yeah...Jenice Tan, cute little girl and make sure dun be Lorry again ya. Kancil is better to drive in a short route, good enough d. Haha...

JoEyBoy said...

Yea 2nd in place...hahaha..
so nice ho blogg here n there. Lets go buntal eat seafood again.. crabby.. yummy!!!Lorry is good but high maintenance hahahaha..

Jenice said...

No more lorry la........
walau eh... don talk about "LORRY" liao lar...... hahaha